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The Chameleon Academy is a dynamic resource which presents the latest in chameleon husbandry strategies. Here you will find constantly updated information. You can continue your chameleon education on the go with the Chameleon Academy Podcast or visually through the Chameleon Academy YouTube channel. Check out below for the latest updates across the Chameleon Academy multi-media outreach!

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Season 8 of the Chameleon Academy Podcast starts Friday, Feb 3!

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Using the Jackson's Chameleon Care Guide
Using the 2022 Jackson's Chameleon Care Guide

This is an episode for educators, admins, breeders, vet offices, and influencers that would like to use the new 2022 Yellow-Crested Jackson’s Chameleon Care Guide in their outreach. There is a story behind every number and graphic on this care guide and, in this episode, I go over some of the background and even controversy. To effectively serve the newcomers to the community it is good to understand why the parameters were selected and how to effectively adjust the concepts to fit unique situations.

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chameleon cage shopping list
Cage Shopping List

Newly updated Chameleon cage shopping list with a downloadable .pdf with links and a webpage full of explanations

Featured Podcast

dubia roaches in a bioactive environment

You can keep and breed roaches in a bioactive environment with great success! They are living creatures just like our chameleons and benefit from natural surroundings. Summer Winston from The Shap comes on and shares her experience breeding roaches in a bioactive environment.

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Mountain Dragons
Mountain Dragons

Mountain Dragons by Jan Stipala is a gorgeously created photographic journey through the Kenyan highlands in search of the chameleons that live there. In this book you’ll see many color forms for the first time. (Clicking this will open a new window to the Dragon Strand website.)

Buying a Chameleon Egg

baby panther chameleon
Buying a Chameleon Egg

If you have purchased a chameleon egg and are now preparing for caring for a hatchling, this episode will guide you through the steps to make sure that when your egg hatches you will have the highest chance of success.

New Webpage Series

ambilobe panther chameleon
A Story of Panther Chameleons

This two year long series documents an entire Panther Chameleon breeding lifecycle. It will take you from me bringing two pairs of panther chameleons in, raising them up, breeding them, and hatching you the next generation. Along the way you’ll see all aspects of panther chameleon husbandry!


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Jackson's Chameleon
Chameleon FAQs

A collection of frequently asked questions about a wide variety of chameleon topics. Click here and browse the questions most asked by people wanting to learn more about chameleons!

New Series: BioActive for Chameleons!

bioactive enclosure for chameleons with crested chameleon

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The Chameleon Academy has a weekly theme where we explore one topic concerning chameleons. I present the topic across this website, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Podcast. I am active on a daily basis.  This schedule may shift and adjust depending on what is going on with the world. The best place to stay abreast of current topics is the Chameleon Academy Instagram account. I invite you to meet me on any or all of the following outreach efforts!

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About The Chameleon Academy

Welcome to your multi-media Chameleon Education Resource!

The Chameleon Academy is based on the information presented in the award winning Chameleon Breeder Podcast. By presenting the episodes in a class structure the podcast becomes the lecture, but it is structured within a greater learning experience. To the podcast I have added images, text, and video to create a multi-media learning experience. Through the podcast I am bringing information from the most advanced keepers, breeders, and scientists to the community on a weekly basis.

Herein you will find the collection of the most experienced minds in the chameleon community sharing what we know and pointing the way to figuring out what we don’t know. This is the most up-to-date resource of chameleon husbandry available. The Chameleon Academy is constantly being updated with the latest of chameleon-specific information.

The main program here at the Chameleon Academy is the Chameleon Husbandry Program which is broken up into four academic terms and will cover the different stages of growth in chameleon knowledge. But you do not have to dedicate yourself to an entire program. You may pick and choose individual topics and even simple questions for quick answers. The menu bar here will guide you to where you want to go!

If you are new here then check out The Introduction To Chameleon Basics module to get a feel for what we do here!

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The Most Common Chameleon Husbandry Questions

Yvette and Jackson's

New To Chameleons!
What do I need to know?

If you are not sure where to start – Start here!

Baby Jacksons Chameleon

Surprised by Chameleon Babies!
What Do I do?

Surprise! Some chameleons have live birth! Click here for emergency information if this happens to you!

Machakos Hills Jacksons Chameleon

Why is My Chameleon Acting Like This?

Chameleons have a wide range of behaviors. Click here to start learning what they mean!

chameleon vet

Is My Chameleon Okay?
When Should I to go to a Vet?

We can’t replace a vet’s expert eye, but it is important you know the warning signs of a health problem!

Which Chameleon Should I Get?

So you are doing it right and researching your chameleon. But how to make a decision from all the incredible chameleons out there? Here is some insight to help you make an informed decision!

baby chameleon being handled

How do I Handle My Chameleon?

Chameleons are uniquely structured animals. Here is how to handle them properly.

chameleon plants icon

What Plants Can I Use For My Chameleon Cage?

Here is a guide to selecting and using safe plants for your chameleon cage!

Chameleon Kit

Transitioning from the Chameleon Kit

One of the most common starter cages is the ZooMed Chameleon Kit. But the set-up must be exact and you must quickly transition to the adult cage set-up. This seminar tells you how to do it.

Courses Available

The first term of the Chameleon Academy has been launched with Getting Started With Chameleons. This collection of courses assumes no prior knowledge of chameleons and guides you through the important steps towards a long, healthy life for your chameleon. These courses can be viewed independently, of course, but they are designed to flow one after another. If you would like to go through the entire set of courses as intended, then start with Chameleon Basics and follow the navigation at the bottom of each page. Please enjoy the course presentations that make up Term 1: Getting Started With Chameleons.

Jacksons chameleon
Chameleon Basics

Get an overview of chameleon husbandry. A great course for those starting out and wanting to do the best for their chameleon.

Blue Panther Chameleon
Choosing Your Chameleon

Choosing your chameleon is an exciting thing, but it can be overwhelming. In this course you’ll learn the differences and will be able to make an educated decision.

chameleon cage row
Selecting A Chameleon Cage

In this course you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of each cage type. From screen to glass to hybrids cages. You won’t have to get someone else’s opinion because you will have all the information for yourself and know which one is right for your particular situation.

panther chameleon baby
Setting Up a Chameleon Cage

The design of your chameleon’s habitat is critical. Learn how to make a perfect cage environment for your perfect miniature tree dragon!

chameleon cages
Maintaining Your Chameleon Cage

Once your cage is set up it is time to listen to your chameleon to fine tune it. And then there are certain maintenance duties that are necessary to keep your environment running smoothly.

Machakos hills jacksons chameleon
Learn Chameleon Behavior

Chameleons communicate in their own special body language and it is up to us to learn how to interpret their signals. This “course” is more a visual reference for you to check when you aren’t sure what is going on!

female jacksons chameleon
Basic Chameleon Medical

It is important to know when things are going wrong and catch it early. Here is a visual reference of medical conditions.