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Introduction to the Chameleon FAQ Question Hub!

The chameleon community is constantly in transition with new methods being introduced and new things being learned. In addition to that, there are often different ways of achieving the same end goal. Even if they aren’t truly in conflict, to a beginner, it is just confusing to have two different approaches being presented. Thus, the reason for this page. Here I will discuss each parameter that you see on the Chameleon Academy Care Summaries and explain the differences you may see in the community and give perspective as to why those differences exist. With a little background you can be more confident of whether you should consider changing your husbandry.

Though this page is for chameleons in general, it was initially developed alongside the release of the Panther Chameleon Care Summary. This topic on caresheet contradictions has been recorded as a podcast to be able to be referenced on the go. The ideal way to access the Chameleon Academy Podcast is through the dedicated app that is available on both the Apple iTunes store and the Google Play store for Android mobile devices. Either click the links for the store or just search for “Chameleon Academy” and look for the rainbow panther logo! You can also listen to it on any standard podcast player by searching for the Chameleon Academy Podcast.  Or else, you can listen to the episode here on the website in the player below. which you are welcome to listen to here. It will go over the most important items that seem to be in contradiction in the community.

The show notes that go into detail can be found at the page, Why Does Chameleon Care Information Contradict?

Or else you can simply scroll through the entry options below and select the topic of your choice!

Chameleon Caging

Chameleon Cages
Chameleon in Hybrid cage

Temperature & Basking

Chameleon basking
female panther chameleon

Humidity & Hydration

Jackson's Chameleon in fog
Baby Panther Chameleon

UVB Light

Veiled Chameleon
Chameleon UVB Measuring with Solarmeter 6.5