Maintaining Your Chameleon Cage

Chameleon Cage Pair

Course: Maintaining Your Chameleon Cage

Once your chameleon is set up you enter into the phase of maintenance where you ensure that the systems continue working properly. You are responsible for not only your chameleon’s emotional health, but also all the systems you have set in place to provide for his physical health. You have an environment to supervise!

In this class we will review the areas to cover while you are watching your chameleon grow up into that beautiful, mysterious creature he is destined to be.

Module 1

Chameleon Cage Communication

Once you set up the cage it is time to listen to your chameleons review!

Module 2

Keeping Chameleon Cage Plants Alive

Simple steps to keeping your chameleon cage lush with foliage.

Module 3

Chameleon Cage Cleaning

Keeping your Chameleon cage clean is an important chore!

Module 4

Maintaining Hydration Systems

Keep your chameleon’s  mist, fog, and drips clean and  flowing!

Module 5

Maintaining Lighting Systems

Your lights power your chameleon. Keep them in top shape.


Maintaining Your Chameleon Cage is a class that is part of the Term 1: Getting Started With Chameleons  coursework which gives you a basic exposure to the important issues in chameleon husbandry. Once you get in the groove of caring for your chameleon on a daily basis you will start to notice behaviors that may confuse you. Learning about chameleon mannerisms is a stage that every chameleon keeper needs to go through! The next two courses are on chameleon behavior and medical conditions. At times it is hard to tell which one you are looking at. Generally speaking, if the chameleon has a choice as to what they are doing I place it in the Chameleon Behavior section. If it is something that is happening to the chameleon I place it in the Basic Chameleon Medical Section section. If you do not find a match in one, I suggest hopping on over to the other!

Term 1: Chameleon Husbandry Course List

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Learning Chameleon Behavior

Machakos Hills Jackson's Chameleon

Basic Chameleon Medical Conditions

female jacksons chameleon showing respiratory infection symptoms