iPardalis Podcast

The iPardalis Podcast looks at the various issues facing the panther chameleon community. Host, Jonathan Hill, of iPardalis, explores genetics, natural history, ethics, and the basics of breeding panther chameleons. Through ths podcast you will meet a number of community members that further the important conversations we need to have.

The iPardalis Podcast is part of the Chameleon Academy Network. You can listen to episode on the Chameleon Academy Podcast feed or you can view the episodes in video format on the iPardalis Youtube channel.

An Introduction to the iPardalis Podcast

Bill Strand interviews Jonathan Hill and shares what this new podcast is all about!

Episode List

Each episode of the iPardalis podcast has a show notes page. Simply find the podcast title below and click on the thumbnail.

yellow bodied blue bar panther chameleon
Panther Chameleon and Dr. Chris Anderson
Panther Chameleon
yellow bodied blue bar ambilobe panther flank
Yellow Panther chameleon
Panther Chameleon
panther chameleon