Panther Chameleon Podcast

The Panther Chameleon Podcast is a educational tutorial on how to take care of panther chameleons at any life stage.

What is the Panther Chameleon Podcast?

The Panther Chameleon Podcast is a project of the Chameleon Academy meant to support people wanting to keep panther chameleons. The idea behind starting this podcast instead of creating more episodes for the Chameleon Academy Podcast is that people just starting out can easily be overwhelmed by 300+ episodes to wade through. I love the die hard enthusiast that downloads the entire library and enjoys the next year of commutes listening to chameleon radio! But for the person new t the game, a less intimidating start may be easier for them. So the Panther Chameleon Podcast will be presented in a tutorial style where everyone is encouraged to start with episode 1 and each episode builds on each other.

This podcast is your introduction to the entire lifecycle of the incredible Panther Chameleon. It will be a tutorial that will take you from hatching to breeding to old age and guide you in how you can successfully keep healthy, happy, and long lived Panther Chameleons.

Episode List

The Panther Chameleon Podcast is a tutorial podcast with the intention that it would be listened to from episode 1 forward. Each episode builds on the one before. Each episode can be listened to on its own if a specific subject is desired. But for the complete educational experience start at episode 1!

panther chameleons
Bright Ambilobe Panther Chameleon
Red Bar Blue body Ambilobe Panther chameleon
Panther chameleons
Panther Chameleon Color diversity
bright panther chameleon
wild ambilobe panther chameleon
Lady deciding between a chameleon egg and a juvenile chameleon
juvenile panther chameleon
Panther Chameleon Care sheet
chameleon and airplane
panther chameleons
Ambilobe Panther Chameleon
Panther Chameleon with Veterinarian
panther chameleon in a cage
Baby Panther chameleon