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Welcome to the podcast all about chameleons!  Now you can listen and learn about our dragonesque friends while you do cage cleaning chores, working out, or drive your morning commute.

If you are new to podcasting then you are in for a treat!  Podcasting is a radio show about the topics you specifically want to hear whenever you want to hear it! You are able to listen via this website or else subscribe to this program via the iTunes store and take us with you! Google Play will soon have podcast capability and we will be there too! If this is totally new to you go to our page How to Listen to learn all about how this works!

This podcast is a critical part of my personal growth. I am constantly pushing my knowledge of chameleons forward and this podcast allows me to talk with breeders, keepers, scientists, veterinarians, and field researchers from around the world. By having this outreach I am able to take the community along with my personal journey to not only learn about chameleons, but to push our knowledge forward. The Chameleon Academy Podcast is on the cutting edge of chameleon husbandry and is the first place you will encounter the latest in husbandry theory.

Podcasting is a special medium as it is audio only. It is the only content form that can be enjoyed while doing other tasks in life. Although this is an educational outreach, the education is only partially me “teaching”. The best part is you being able to follow alongside a breeder with 40 years of experience learning more every episode. So what do those 40 years mean if I don’t know everything yet? Well, it has given me a solid perspective on what is and what isn’t important. I distill out the distraction and go straight to the heart of the matter making sure we all come away with what is valuable. I invite you to join me as I push myself to learn, understand, and pass it on!

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You can listen to every episode starting with episode 1 by clicking on the sort icon and reordering the list. The podcast player will automatically go to the next episode when completed. Alternatively, if you are searching for something specific you can use the search bar to enter in terms to search through the titles. Or simply scroll through the titles in the player! Note: The numbers on the podcast player episodes do not match the episode number or the Apple podcast season/episode number. Sorry for the confusion, but 6 weeks of daily bonus episode podcasts during the Covid shutdown through off the numbering system!

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There has been a name change!

The Chameleon Academy Podcast was originally named the Chameleon Breeder Podcast. This name change reflects the next level of growth as it expands into a multi-media outreach. The first 134 episodes will call themselves the Chameleon Breeder Podcast. Do not worry, you are in the right place!

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