Chameleon Academy Newsletter

There is always a lot going on in the Chameleon Academy world. This outreach is across the website, Podcast, Instagram, and YouTube. And, yes, things will continue to grow as I fill in the pieces of making this Chameleon Academy the comprehensive multi-media chameleon educational resource I envision!

To that end, I will be sending out a newsletter type email recapping what has happened in the last week and what the plans are for the coming week. This is a casual email newsletter for Chameleon Academy followers that would like an update of Instagram activities, podcast episode schedules, and whatever informational tidbits are on my mind sent to them instead of you having to search them out!

If you would like to sign up then fill in the information below and make sure you confirm the email that is sent to you that makes sure you meant it! Sometimes these emails get put into the bulk email or spam folders.

I’ll send an email for scheduled events so you can decide what events you would like to be part of and make plans.