Chameleon Behavior: Biting

Chameleon' Bites


Chameleon follows through with its threats and bites you


Meaning: Chameleons bite when they see no other means of escape. Chameleons are not built for fighting. They are built for evading detection. They bite only if all other means of defense have failed. Thus, a bite from a chameleon is not a surprise unless you have been willfully ignoring all the warning signs that have been thrown your way.


The best way of not getting bitten by a chameleon is to stop trying to hold a chameleon that is so scared that they feel the need to bite. NEVER flick or “punish” a chameleon that has bitten you. If you reciprocate against a bite then your maturity level is not high enough for you to own a living pet. Go back to playing with action figures. Chameleons will usually bite until they can see a way to escape and they will often clamp on. If you are bitten and the chameleon will not let go, calmly place the chameleon’s body on a surface and extend your finger as far away from you as possible. You are trying to get them to release on their own because they feel like they have an escape route. You can break their jaw if you try and pry it open. It is painful, but you must be the higher life form and protect the animal that is attacking you.

Once the chameleon releases there may be blood. The bigger the chameleon the more damage that is done. But for whatever pain there may be the bite is superficial and can be simply disinfected and any bleeding will stop quickly.

Most keepers go their entire lives without being bitten by their chameleon. It is rare and only happens when you ignore their warnings that it is coming.

a panther chameleon going to bite
a chameleon bite
a chameleon bite