Chameleon Behavior: Nose Pointing Up

Chameleon's nose is stuck pointing up


Chameleon sits with its nose in the air


Meaning: When a chameleon sits with its nose in the air that is a symptom of a respiratory infection. By stretching their throat out they are able to straighten the airway and make it easier to breathe when a bacterial infection starts making breathing hard.


  • Chameleon has a respiratory infection.


Time to get to the vet as soon as possible. One of the first overt signs of a respiratory infection is the sticking of the nose in the air. Unfortunately, the infection has been going on for a while and it has just gotten bad enough that it is showing external symptoms. If this is the only symptom showing, recovery is very likely with appropriate veterinary assistance and medicine. Allowing it to get worse lessens your chance of recovery. Keepers who act at this point generally save their chameleon.

Veterinary medicine will beat back the present infection, but there was a husbandry cause for the infection in the first place. This cause must be identified and changed or else the infection will return.

deremensis chameleon with respiratory infection
meller's chameleon with respiratory infection
Jacksons possible RI