A Story of Panther Chameleons: Their Care, Husbandry, and Breeding Lifecycle

Let's get started with Panther Chameleons!

This page is the record of me putting together a small breeding project for Ambilobe Panther Chameleons. I am specifically recording each and every step so you can follow along! I am recording this journey on the Chameleon Academy YouTube channel, The Chameleon Academy Podcast, and here on this page. So, you have a multi-media guide to choose from! Each outreach has a different feel to it. The video is educational, but has a heavy vlog feel to it where you can follow along in the steps I take. The podcast episode is much more detailed and instructional. And this page combines all the material in the written (digitally!) form. They all complement each other so you can have a well rounded walk through this exciting adventure of me selecting and caring for panther chameleons. This will be a long term story as I will chronicle an entire breeding lifecycle. I will start the summer of 2021 with three or four month old juveniles. Together we will explore the breeder options and make a locale selection. Then you can watch the process as I collect the required equipment and build up the cages. Once the juveniles are in their new homes we will discuss all aspects of their husbandry and care. Then, as mature adults, I will go over the breeding process and egg incubation. When the babies hatch I will go over effectively caring for a horde of baby chameleons, the process of selling them, and the considerations behind expanding the breeding program. You can follow along as this two year story unfolds! And, if you are thinking about getting a panther chameleon, feel free to do it along side me!

ambilobe panther chameleonChapter 1: Choosing Your Panther Chameleon

The first chapter in this story is Choosing Your Panther Chameleon! Here I talk about what we need to know when we are choosing our panther chameleon and a breeder. This is the start of my journey. I presently work with the Ambanja locale and am ready to add a color from the opposite end of the spectrum. In this chapter, we will do the following:

  • Review the Panther Chameleon species
  • Choose a locale of Panther Chameleon
  • Sources of Panther Chameleons
  • Evaluate Breeders
  • Topics in the Chameleon community

Using what I share here I will make a decision as to the breeding stock and select reputable breeders. The guidelines I present here are just as applicable whether you are looking for a single pet chameleon or the start of a breeding project.

Red body Blue Bar Panther ChameleonChapter 2 Part 1: Multi-media Panther Chameleon Care Summary

The second chapter in this story is reviewing basic Panther Chameleon husbandry. We will take. look at what we need to recreate with our cage and equipment. We will cover:

  • Caging
  • Lighting: Light for vision, UVB, and basking
  • Hydration
  • Temperature
  • Feeding
  • Supplementation
  • Coordinating Lights and Hydration
Female Ambanja Panther ChameleonChapter 2 Part 2: Chameleon Caresheet Confusion

The second part of chapter 2 is a discussion on the parts of the Panther Chameleon Care Summary which might be confusing because of all the different opinions out on the internet. So I take the ones most likely to cause confusion and go over why there are differences.

  1. Cage type: Will anything other than screen cages cause problems (spoiler: no)
  2. Basking Temperature and Length: Why are some people advocating for lower basking temperatures and shorter basking times?
  3. Humidity and Naturalistic Hydration: Do we mist during the day or only during the night?
  4. Supplementation: The Chameleon Academy says one thing, but my breeder says something else…what should I do?
  5. UVB Lighting: With the confusion around UVB it would be a miracle if anyone agreed!
  6. Feeding: Why are some people feeding 10 feeders a day and some saying 3 every few days?

Hopefully, this section will put your mind at ease as you wade into the community and find so many different approaches!

Blue Ambanja Panther ChameleonChapter 3 Part 1: Panther Chameleon Cage Shopping List

The third chapter in this story is a multi-part series that will cover setting up a Panther Chameleon Cage from start to finish.

  • Selecting Equipment
  • Setting Equipment up
  • Designing the cage interior
  • Making it all work together!

This first section is on the Panther Chameleon Cage Shopping List. In this section I gather the equipment I will be using to make a cage for my soon to come Panther Chameleon.

Panther chameleon Breeding AttemptChapter 4 Part 1: Panther Chameleon Breeding

The fourth chapter in this story is a multi-part series that will cover breeding Panther Chameleons.

  • Deciding on Breeding Stock
  • Setting up the Nursery
  • Care for the Mother
  • Care for the Babies