Abronia Alligator lizards

Ep 156: Abronia Alligator Lizards and Jason Wagner

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In the high mountains of Southern Mexico down through and beyond Guatemala, there exits cool mist enshrouded highlands. Living in the tall trees are a special type of alligator lizard. Often known as Mexican Alligator lizards, the members of the genus Abronia are a beautiful and charming lizard. They are arboreal with prehensile tails and giving live birth. Jason Wagner is  hobbyist and conservationist that specializes in the Abronia alligator lizard. Jason joins me today to tell us about these amazing creatures.

A regular episode series on this podcast is exploring other reptiles and amphibians whose arboreal husbandry is similar to that which we learn for chameleons. The Abronia alligator lizard would do great in conditions very similar to Jackson’s or quadricornis chameleons. But, I would like you to hear that from Jason Wagner. Jason is a reptile hobbyist that developed a deep love for the Abronia genus. That love led him to the Southern Mexican highlands and a friendship with a biologist there. Together they studied Abronia in their natural habitat and even purchased land to protect them. It is a testament to what good can come from our hobby and an example of what we can do. Please join me in welcoming Jason Wagner to the Chameleon Academy Podcast!

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