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branching a chameleon cage

Ep 146: Branching Your Chameleon Cage with Alec O’Brien

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Chameleons perch on branches. They spend their lives on branches. So it is actually pretty important for us to give them the right branches. Today I go over branch functions, how to select the right branch for the right purpose, what woods to use and how to mount them in the chameleon cage. Alec O'Brien then joins me and discusses how he sterilizes his branches.



If you would like to learn more about Alec and Reptibranch then head on over to Instagram and watch him build this up.

Panther Chameleons

Ep 145: The Panther Chameleon Species With Dr. Mark Scherz

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Dr. Mark Scherz joins me to discuss the different colors of Furcifer pardalis. Are they species? morphs? locales? The answers may not be ours yet, but Mark gives us discussion points to think about.

The Official Paper-Under-Discussion of the Episode

article on panther chameleon species

We don't dive too deeply into the paper in the first part of the two part series but here is a sneak peak.

Mark Scherz Blog and Website hub

Mark Scherz website

Do you see all those link icons? Go to the website and click on these to find his Instagram, Tumbler, Facebook, and other digital outreaches!

Awesome Madagascar Wildlife Posters

uroplatus poster

Mark has a poster for the frogs he encountered in Madagascar and the Uroplatus he encountered. Click. above to check them out!

Squamates Podcast

squamates podcast

You know I love podcasts! Well, Mark does too and he has his own. Check it out!


Ep 144: Draco Flying Dragon with Charles Mcallister

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The Draco flying dragon is an incredible species that has the ability to shoot through the air from tree to tree. But it has been exceptionally hard to establish in captivity. Today I talk with breeder Charles Mcallister about the start of the captive breeding community.

Charles Mcallister

Charles Mcallister is a reptile breeder that guides us through his experiences as he dedicated his efforts solely towards unlocking the mysteries of the enigmatic Draco flying dragon. The images that follow are from Charles' private breeding collection. Charles currently works with Draco maculatus, sometimes known as the Spotted Flying Dragon. This species is widespread through southeast Asia. Though Dracos have always been highly valued in captive collections they have failed to establish a foothold due to the poor condition imported adults come in. The death rate, added to the common thought that they needed ants or termites to survive, kept any captive establishment at bay. Charles has produced a substantial first generation and is working on the second captive generation. Where wild caught adults are flighty, the captive hatch specimens, while active, are calm and do not show the same fear of humans. It is efforts like this that are encouraging and show that we still are in an era of advancement in our breeding efforts.

The Draco community is still forming. We are at the beginning stages and we have the pleasure of watching it as it grows. On this podcast I will continue to share advancements and achievements in this exciting effort.

Eggs of the Dragon

Draco egg
Draco hatching
Draco hatching

Welcome to the World, Baby Dracos!

Draco hatchling
Draco babies

Growing Up

Draco juvenile
Draco juvenile
Draco juvenile

Coming of Age

Draco side view
Draco adult

Those Incredible Wings!

Draco wings
Draco wings
Draco wings

The Mating Dance and the Next Generation

Draco dewlap
Draco dewlap
Draco laying eggs