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Outdoor Chameleon Caging

Ep 16: Outdoor Chameleon Keeping

Summary:Exposing your chameleon to natural sunlight brings great health benefits.  In this episode we explore how you can accomplish this in your husbandry as simply as moving your indoor cage out to the patio for a couple hours or as in depth as building a permanent outdoor cage.  Building outdoor cages is great fun and few things are as impressive as a healthy chameleon in a well planted outdoor cage!

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outdoor chameleon cages

A simple, effective way to create outdoor caging is to place your standard screen cages on top of a wood planter box. This allows lush plants to be planted inside.

outdoor chameleon cage

Nasturtium, an annual trailing vine, grows up along the side of an outdoor cage. The vine is leafy in the summer when it helps protect from the intense sunlight and it dies back in the winter to allow as much sunlight into the cage as possible.

jacksons chameleons in outdoor cage

A densely planted cage gives your chameleon the opportunity to come out and bask and then retreat back into the leaves.

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Stick Insects

Ep 15: Exotic Feeders – Stick Insects with Nick Barta

Summary:Stick insects are one of the most fascinating of the insects chameleon keepers use as feeders.  Whether you use them as feeders or, like the rest of us, find that we'd rather keep them as pets, you'll find out here how to take care of them.  From the bizarre Australian Stick Insect to the huge Green Bean Insect to the cryptic leaf insect, you'll find no end to the wonder of stick insects!

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Show Notes:

Stick Insect Podcast

Nick mentioned a walking stick "ova" exchange group, though there are many other insects represented here!

Ovogram Website

Leaf Insect
Phyllium philippinicum Leaf Insect. Male, Female, and Juvenile.

Diapherodes gigantea, Green Bean Insect, juvenile
Diapherodes gigantea, Green Bean Insect, juvenile

Extatosoma tiaratum
Extatosoma tiaratum, Australian stick insect

The first thing you’ll want to do is check out Nick’s feeder list!  The Facebook page can be found at Full Throttle Feeders.

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Click here for Nick Barta’s Full Throttle Feeders Facebook page!

You can also find them here on the Chameleon Forums

If you would like to contact Nick directly then you can email him at .

Nick Barta - the man behind the bugs!
Nick Barta - the man behind the bugs!

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