Ep 141: Silkworms with Susan Marquardt

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Silkworms are a nutritious and highly prized chameleon feeder. Today, Susan Marquardt of BeastMode Silkworms shares with us a little about the silkworm and how we can breed them ourselves!

Beastmode Silks

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silkworm eggs

Silkworms spend about a week as eggs

silkworm babies

Upon hatching, these voracious eaters will mow down mulberry tree leaves or specially made solkworm chow.

silkworms eating leaves

Silkworms eating through mulberry leaves


Silkworms can be raised up to give you the perfect size feeder based on how long you wait until feeding them off.


Silkworms will spin cocoons when they are ready to turn into moths

silkworm moth

Silkworm moths will live a short time and live only to mate and lay eggs. They can also provide a flying feeder for your chameleon.

Exotic Feeders

Ep 11: Roaches with Nick Barta

Summary: Nick Barta from Full Throttle Feeders joins us and talks about his business offering exotic feeder insects.  In this first of our feeder series, Nick and I discuss the different types of roaches, how to care for them, and what they can be used for!  One of a chameleon keeper's favorite afflictions is having feeders so awesome that it is hard to feed them off!

You can listen here:

Roach Comparison




Discoid Roach

Kenyan Roach

Kenyan Roaches

Green Banana Roach

Green Banana Roach

Giant Green Banana Roach vs. Green Banana Roach

Green Banana Roach Comparison
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