Recommended Chameleon books

12 Days of Chameleon Gifts- Day 12: Chameleon Books

Day 12: Chameleon Books

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There are a few books that are prized by chameleon keepers. And my pick for day 12 is two of the best! Both Chameleons of Africa by Colin Tilbury and Mader's Reptile Medicine and Surgery by Divers and Stahl are excellent parts of a chameleon keeper's library! They are high end books so chances are that the chameleon person in your life may not have picked them up yet! You can check them out here.

Chameleon book purchase links

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Chameleon Forums Calendar

12 Days of Chameleon Gifts- Day 11: Chameleon Forums Calendar

Day 11: Chameleon Forums Calendar

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Today's pick is the Chameleon Forums 2022 Calendar which is made up from pictures of chameleons from our community! These are chameleons that you read about day to day on the Chameleon Forums. If you are not familiar with the forums then I encourage you to check out https://www.chameleonforums.com/ and find a community that has been thriving since 2003! The calendar can be purchased at this link https://www.chameleonforums.com/bookstore/

Chameleon Forums Calendar purchase links

The link below takes you to the Chameleon Forums bookstore. Once you get your calendar check out the forums and the community there!

Chameleon Forums Calendar
Chameleon UVB meter

12 Days of Chameleon Gifts- Day 10: Solarmeter 6.5

Day 10: Solarmeter 6.5

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UVB is critical to the health of our chameleons. Since we cannot see UVB light, the best way to ensure you have the right levels in your cage is to have a UVB meter. The Solarmeter 6.5 is the industry standard and is widely available. The Solarmeter 6.5 is a prized tool for any serious chameleon keeper and this makes an excellent gift for the chameleon person in your life!

Solarmeter 6.5 purchase links

The two Solarmeter versions shown below are the same product. They are just branded differently. Select whichever one is available and/or the best price. They are identical in function.

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Chameleon Fogger

12 Days of Chameleon Gifts- Day 9: Fogger

Day 9: Fogger

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Fogging is a new chameleon hydration technique for many people and is worth setting up. You don't have to change anything else about what you do to presently to give it a test run. But fogging is a great gift for the person wanting to explore chameleon husbandry at a deeper level.

Suggested Fogger

I like this fogger because it has a top fill feature so you don't have to remove the reservoir to fll the unit with water. The double hose is a bonus. Note that the controls are executed nicely, but that the timer will not allow fine control over fogging times. I use an appliance timer with 15 minute intervals to give me this control.

(Note that this is an Amazon affiliate link were they will give me a small percentage of what you purchase from clicking this link.)

Chameleon Lighting Product

12 Days of Chameleon Gifts- Day 8: Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED

Day 8: Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar

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A well lit chameleon enclosure makes for a happy chameleon and makes a beautifully planted cage possible! My pick for day 8 is the Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED bar which gives you that extra light that has allowed me to do crazy things like grow and bloom passion flowers in my chameleon cages!

Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bar Product Page

Arcadia Chameleon Lighting
Dragon Ledges Chameleon cage accessory

12 Days of Chameleon Gifts- Day 7: Dragon Ledges

Day 7: Dragon Ledges

Chameleon Gift 7 Video

Chameleon Gift 7 Podcast

The question commonly arises - how can I mount horizontal branches and live plants to the sides of my chameleon's screen cage? The Dragon Ledges were designed specifically for us chameleon keepers for that purpose! They consist of a brace that attaches to the aluminum screen frame and a "ledge" on the inside that transfer the weight to the brace and to the frame. The Dragon Ledges allow you to create a floating garden style cage interior that provides for your chameleon's needs!

Dragon Strand Dragon Ledges Ordering Page

Dragon Ledges chameleon cage
Chameleon Influencer Merchandise

12 Days of Chameleon Gifts- Day 6: Influencer Merchandise

Day 6: Influencer Merchandise

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If you have a chameleon or reptile enthusiast in your family then they may be difficult to shop for. Here is an easy solution! Ask them what their favorite YouTuber or Podcaster is and see if that influencer has a merchandise shop. You could find branded T-Shirts, hoodies, and coffee mugs that will be a surprise of a gift! And the bonus is that purchasing from a content creator's merchandise store supports the videos and podcast shows that are making our community so enjoyable and diverse.

Chameleon Academy Merchandise Shop

chameleon merch storefront
bug burger for chameleon feeders

12 Days of Chameleon Gifts- Day 5: Bug Burger

Day 5: Bug Burger

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Is giving a powder kind of like giving socks for Christmas? Well, it may not seem exciting on the surface, but the chameleon person in your life will know what a time savings this is and what it does for the health of their chameleon to be eating nutritious food! So, my pick for day 5 is Repashy Bug Burger which is found at any major reptile product retailer and in different size bottles. And if Repashy is not available there are other ready made powders and those would do just as well in someone's stocking by the holiday tree!
dubia eating bug burger
Repashy Bug burger
Log Lunch chameleon feeder run cup

12 Days of Chameleon Gifts- Day 4: Log Lunch

Day 4: Log Lunch

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Chameleon Gift 4 Podcast

My gift recommendation today is the Log Lunch feeder run cup by Jim Rykbost of Sunset Chameleons! This is a functional work of art which provides your chameleon with feeder insects contained so they don't hide in the cage, but still the movement that chameleons need to recognize food. And they are individually hand carved and painted. A very nice addition to your chameleon cage! If you would like to snag one of these beauties then you can order from https://www.sunsetchameleons.com/
Log Lunch Chameleon Feeder Run Cup