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Ep 24: Free Ranging Chameleons with Karen Stockman

Summary:Most everyone who keeps a chameleon has considered some sort of a free range. We like being with our animals. And it seems obvious that our chameleons would like it better to be free to go where they please. So today we are going to talk about free ranging your chameleons. What is it like and how do you do it?

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For those new to this concept, a free range is loose term, but is usually used to describe the practive of having your chameleon live in your home without a cage. You have everything for a chameleon that you would with a cage, you just don’t have the six walls!

I will be joined by Karen Stockman of the Chameleon Farm to discuss her experiences with free ranges. She has extensive experience with true free ranging within a human living space. That means it is not just an afternoon out of the cage, but it is a permanent living situation. If you have considered setting up a free range or have just wondered what it would be like then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Karen was kind enough to share the following images to show her free range set-ups. Notice the washing machine drainage trays used for the bottom to catch the misting. Also notice the cute pug who is chameleon friendly. Beware of pets that view your chameleons as toys or prey. Having other “free range” pets such as dogs or cats is a major consideration when thinking about free ranging.

Chameleon Free Range

Chameleon free range



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