Jackson's Chameleon

ep 33: Jackson’s Chameleons in Hawaii

Jackson’s Chameleons have established themselves in Hawaii. Today we talk with Mary Lovein who lives among those chameleons. More than just a thrill to see chameleons in the wild, she has been able to observe Jackson’s behavior in their natural state. She comes on the podcast to share what she has noted over the years of watching the chameleons come and go!



Mary’s book “Chameleons in the Garden” is available directly from Mary. Mary will autograph each book sold to podcast listeners! Make sure you tell her you heard about it here! You can get information from the following link.

Chameleons in the garden

Of course, the generations continue and Mary keeps us up to date as to how the chameleons are doing. Currently, Elvis is the king of the avocado tree. Kinky Tail is just hanging out. If you would like to follow their adventures and those of the others that come and go then you can follow the latest by liking the Facebook page at the following link:

Chameleons in the garden

And if you are interested in visiting the Holualoa Gallery yourself when visiting Hawaii then click here for information:

Holualoa Gallery

Thank you Mary for coming on!!!

Mary talking on the Podcast

Mary Lovein interviewing on the Chameleon Breeder Podcast

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