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12 Days of Chameleon Gifts- Day 9: Fogger

Day 9: Fogger

Chameleon Gift 9 Video

Chameleon Gift 9 Podcast

Fogging is a new chameleon hydration technique for many people and is worth setting up. You don’t have to change anything else about what you do to presently to give it a test run. But fogging is a great gift for the person wanting to explore chameleon husbandry at a deeper level.

Suggested Fogger

I like this fogger because it has a top fill feature so you don’t have to remove the reservoir to fll the unit with water. The double hose is a bonus. Note that the controls are executed nicely, but that the timer will not allow fine control over fogging times. I use an appliance timer with 15 minute intervals to give me this control.

(Note that this is an Amazon affiliate link were they will give me a small percentage of what you purchase from clicking this link.)

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