Dr Rachel Siu and parasites

S7 Ep39: Parasites in Captive Chameleons with Dr. Rachel Siu

Dr. Rachel (IG/TT: comes on and discusses her paper which shows the parasites present in outwardly healthy reptiles at public reptile shows in Texas. We discuss her findings and what they mean for our herpetoculture. We will be talking about the study by Dr. Rachel, . You can download this paper from Dr. Rachel’s which can be found at this link:

And it is on her that you can find all her social media outreaches!

The summary is that she went to various reptile shows in the Texas area and brought back a total of 243 samples of poop for analysis. She found parasites in over half. While this isn’t surprising with wild caught reptiles, it raised eyebrows with certain species that are completely captive bred from captive bred parents. This points to us as keepers being a source of parasite transmission with our husbandry! And so there was a lot of conversation surrounding what we can do to keep our chameleons safe. You can follow the weekend’s progression with the below links.

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