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Chameleon Academy Podcast Name Change

The Chameleon Breeder Podcast has been renamed the Chameleon Academy Podcast. This move has been made to make it clear that the podcast and website are common outreaches.

A name change has been on my mind for a little while as I noticed comments from people recommending the podcast, but adding “and don’t worry, it isn’t just for breeders”! After I saw this a couple of times I realized that the title was providing a metal speed bump for people who weren’t interested in breeding. I advocate for enjoying chameleons as pets and not think you have to breed. And so, when my friend pointed out that I was the Chameleon BREEDER podcast I realized it was time to change to a more accurate title! I realize there will be a level of confusion that goes along with this change, but I feel it is for the best going forward.

The nae change ties it in intimately with this Chameleon Academy website which was, ironically, developed to provide a better platform for the podcast to operate from!

The Chameleon Academy Podcast is currently in pre-production and season five will start March 6, 2020!

Our focus this season will be on learning how to keep plants alive and understanding how to implement UVB in our chameleon cages. I am also excited to bring back the Outer Fringes feature. This feature highlights other reptiles and amphibians that take specialized arboreal keeping sills. These are considered advanced skills, but if you are a chameleon keeper you have them! Look for episodes on the Draco flying dragon and the Uroplatus phantasticus Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko!

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