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Ep 153: Intro to the Chameleon Community

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Starting off with chameleons can be an intimidating time. Coming into the chameleon community you are bombarded with UVB, D3, gradients, and a wide range of passionate, yet contradicting opinions. Today I am going to review the basics to get you off on the right foot.

Welcome to those of you new to the community. This episode is going to condense what you need to start your chameleon journey into one powerful dose of audio goodness. The last time I did this was for episode 30 of this podcast. That was four years and 123 episodes ago. That puts our journey here on the show into perspective! So, obviously, we can’t cram 150+ episodes into one, but what I can do is ease the transition into this new world. This episode is for the person just starting out or the one who has been away for a while and wondering what has changed while they were gone. And it is a resource for social media moderators and advisors to link to when someone asks what they need to know about chameleons.

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The Original Chameleon Summary Episode!

If you had fun with this episode and want to listen to another just like it you can turn back the hands of time and check out episode 30. That was four years and 123 episodes ago and I have grown much since then. But there is still so much good information in there I thought I’d share it again!

Introduction to Chameleons

The Three Main Species of Chameleons!

The Veiled, Panther, and Jackson’s Chameleons are the top three species you will run into and, really, could you ask for more? These are gorgeous species and wonderful chameleon pets! Here are the profiles for each for you to check out!

chameleons caresheets

Why we don't co-habitate Chameleons

Chameleons cohabitating

The Forest Edge 4+4 Method for Chameleon Cages

Here is where you will learn how to set up a chameleon cage properly!

panther chameleon baby

Making the Chameleon Kit Work


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