Chameleon with vitamin A deficiency

S7 Ep23: Chameleon Eye Issues

A chameleon’s eyes are one of the most obvious ways of telling when something is off with our chameleon. Unfortunately, since so many things manifest as eyes closed, sunken, or swollen, it may be a challenge identifying the problem! Today I go over the most common chameleon eye issues and how to figure out what the problem may be!

Good morning, afternoon, or evening Chameleon Wranglers. As this is a world wide podcast, this reaches people in all stages of living their day! And so I thank you for the honor of a snippet of your time. I welcome the new comers to the most dynamic learning environment for chameleon husbandry. Telling you what is just the first step. Long time listeners will tell you that we spend most of our time exploring the why!

And that is required when we try and figure out what is going on with a chameleon showing an eye issue. 

The chameleon eye is an incredible structure. It is a soft turret and highly mobile. The soft tissues can swell up and shrink down. The eyes end up having the characteristic that they reflect the chameleon’s health. So, learning the language of the eye is a valuable skill for every chameleon keeper!

This episode has both a podcast episode as well as a number of videos to describe it. These are all hosted on the newly renovated “Eye Issue” page in the medical section and so I invite you to check it out. There you will have the podcast player as well as video players, images, and text. So, please click here for your immersive look at chameleon eye issues!

Chameleon Medical: Eye Issues