Chameleon eating

S7 Ep24: UVB for Chameleons

Good Morning Chameleon Wranglers!

UVB light is critical for chameleon health. We can’t see it, but, without it, a chameleon will not be able to build a strong skeleton. This week we lay down the ground work to understand the basics of what you need to know to create an effective and safe UVB gradient within your chameleon cage. The “proper” UVB is not a bulb, but a deliberate UVB exposure map within the cage using an effective bulb, fixture, basking branch, and distances to achieve the goal.

UVB is one of those topics that just seems difficult to wrap one’s head around. It is one of those topics where you need to have a basic understand yourself because of so many strong beliefs bouncing around the community. I am going to give you a strong foundation in UVB concepts and discoveries so you can understand how it all fits together.

The players for this episode are embedded on the website page on UVB and you can access it here!


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