12 Days of Chameleon Gifts: Day 1!

Day 1: Repti-Risers

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repti-riser chameleon IVB light riser

My pick for day 1 of the Chameleon gift giving season is the Repti-Riser by Jason King of Kings Reptiles on Etsy. This innovative product provides an elegant solution to our problem of lifting UVB lights off the top of the cage.

The UVB levels coming off of our bulbs are sky high. Where our target UV Index range to expose our chameleon to is between 3 and 6, UVI levels coming off of common UVB bulbs, even going through the filter of a screen cage top, can be between 20 and 45! And for chameleons, who live in 3D as they climb sides and hang from the top panel, this introduced dangerous radiation into their living space. So we raise our UVB lights up with wood blocks, place them on wire shelves above the cage, or just hang them from the room ceiling above the cage. But Kings Reptiles gives us an alternative solution!

His risers come in pairs and you select both a height and color. Currently, he has risers that fit the Arcadia ProT5 and the Reptisun fixtures so make sure what you have is compatible. For the Arcadia ProT5 6% I suggest the 2.5″ high riser and for the 12% UVB I suggest the 5.5″ riser.

Click the link below to find out more information!

Kngs Reptiles chameleon risers

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