Jackson's Chameleon Eating a worm

Do Chameleons have to eat every day?

Chameleons do NOT have to eat every day unless they are babies or gravid. Here are the details:

Chameleon Feeding Chart

panther chameleon feeding

The recommended feed schedule for an adult chameleon is 3-4 feeder insects every other day. If you give more than this you risk your chameleons becoming obese and going on hunger strikes! Becoming obese is a serious health hazard, especially for females which could develop oversized clutches of eggs. This could lead to egg binding which can be, and often is, fatal. The exceptions to this rule is gravid females and babies.

How should I feed baby Chameleons?

Baby Chameleons need to grow as fast as possible and so they should be given as much food as they will eat. Make sure there is always food in a baby chameleon’s cage! And they can have food every day until they are adults. Once they are adults, ease off to 3-4 feeder insects every other day

How Should I feed Gravid Female Chameleons?

Once a female chameleon is developing eggs it is time to give her as much as she will eat. all of that energy will go into the eggs. And this is a race against time as the bigger the eggs get the more they will push on her stomach and she won’t feel like eating much. So give your gravid females as much food as they will eat for as long as they will eat before laying eggs. After the eggs are laid give her as much food as she will eat for a week and then you can bring her back to the standard 3-4 feeder insects every other day.

How Big Should the Feeder Insect Be to Feed to a Chameleon?

panther chameleon feeder size

For more detail, go to the Chameleon Feeding Basics page that will explain all of this with examples. This multi-media page even has  an embedded podcast episode that you can listen to while you are researching! Click the image below to continue the research with all the details for feeding your chameleon.

Female Panther Chameleon