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Ep 138: Species Talk With Dr. Mark Scherz

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Dr. Mark Scherz comes on and talks with us about his work in defining the species of Madagascar. What makes a species? It is if they can breed or not? And how does this affect us chameleon keepers? With such subtle differences do the chameleons get confused? He fields these questions and helps us understand evolutionary biology. This is the first of two parts. In the second part, which will launch next week, we dive into the details of the new species within the Calumma nasutum group.

Mark Scherz Blog and Website hub

Mark Scherz website

Do you see all those link icons? Go to the website and click on these to find his Instagram, Tumbler, Facebook, and other digital outreaches!

Awesome Madagascar Wildlife Posters

uroplatus poster

Mark has a poster for the frogs he encountered in Madagascar and the Uroplatus he encountered. Click. above to check them out!

The Official Paper of the Episode

Calumma nasutum paper

We don’t dive too deeply into the paper in the first part of the two part series but here is a sneak peak.

Squamates Podcast

squamates podcast

You know I love podcasts! Well, Mark does too and he has his own. Check it out!

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