Bradypodion thamnobates chameleon

Ep 23: Apartment Chameleons-Low Profile Chameleon Keeping

Summary: This week, I’d like to talk about keeping chameleons in small spaces such as an apartment or a bedroom. Many of us fall in love with chameleons before we are out of our parent’s house or are living in apartments, condominiums, or Townhomes where other people are quite close. You have the passion, but having to coordinate that passion with overlapping living spaces is not always easy.

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Book Review

You can buy a copy of Jan Stipala’s Mountain Dragons from Dragon Strand at the following link:

Reptile Apartment

Check out this great website that provides articles about reptiles in general and has articles from chameleon experienced individuals such as Pete Hawkins and Karen Venaas.

Check out the chameleon section for articles that are contemporary and relevant! You’ll find the companion article to this podcast at the following link. Explore around afterwards!

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