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S8 E2: Keep Your Chameleon Cage Plants Alive!

Learn how to keep plants alive! We chameleon people love our plants, but are not always the most successful with them! Today I bring on Elizabeth Vasquez from Propagated Perfection, a small business that specializes in propagating house plants or finding that perfect specimen plant for your chameleon cage!

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Elizabeth Vasquez from Propagated Perfection

Meet Elizabeth!

Elizabeth Vasquez is the owner of Propagated Perfection which is a small business that specializes on propagating and selling house plants. Although she deals with many varieties of plants I met her as I was searching for plants for my chameleon cage. She provided me with beautiful – and large – plants that filled out my cage nicely. The great thing for us is that she takes requests.

We have all had the situation here we are putting together a chameleon cage and the only things we can find from the five garden centers in driving distance are plants that need to grow in. Unfortunately, your chameleon needs leaves to hide behind now!  Elizabeth can search across all her growers in Southern California which has a great grow season year around, and ship the specimen plant anywhere in the US. Elizabeth sells via her Etsy shop and over Instagram live auctions. If you would like to contact Elizabeth to ask about a certain plant ether DM her on Instagram or email her at

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