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Ep 36: The 8th Continent Show with Evan Skredersku

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This week we explore a listener question about chameleon husbandry in high humidity environments. And then we learn of an exciting new show being put on by artist Evan Skrederstu – The 8th Continent Show. This show/auction/presentation is a fusion of art and science in the Los Angeles art scene. 30% of the proceeds from the auction goes to Madagascar conservation. Listen in as Evan describes his vision!

panther chameleon Evan Skredersku

Would you like more information about the 8th Continent Show? Follow the show progress on Instagram!

Find the account under @the8thcontinentshow

website 8th Continent Logo

You can learn a little more about Evan at his webpage

The Big One


Also thanks to Bobby Ruddock that helped us with chameleon husbandry in high humidity environments!


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