Keeping Chameleons in Glass Cages

Ep 53: Keeping Chameleons in Glass Cages

Summary: Welcome back to season 2 of the Chameleon Academy Podcast! We are going to kick off the new season with an episode about keeping chameleons in glass terrariums. Glass has gotten an undeserving black mark in the chameleon community. Dr. Chris Anderson keeps chameleons in glass terrariums exclusively in both his lab and personal collection. He comes on and tells us how to determine if a glass terrarium is right for your conditions and, if so, how to go about setting up a chameleon enclosure which retains both heat and humidity.

You can listen here:

To start off, here are some reference articles about keeping chameleons in glass terrariums.

Dr. Chris Anderson:

For everyone who knows you can’t keep chameleons in glass

Frank Payne:

Keeping Chameleons in Glass Enclosures

Up North Caging

Dragon Strand:

Screen vs. Solid Side Cages

If you are interested in the glass cages themselves, here are a couple of the larger ones that can accommodate a standard sized chameleon.

Zoo-Med 36″ tall Skyscraper Terrarium

Exo-Terra 36″ x 18″ x 36″ Large, X-Tall Terrarium

Season 1 Archive

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