Tyrone Ping

Ep 155: Tyrone Ping and South African Herp Photography

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Today I am joined by Tyrone Ping who is a herpetological photographer from South Africa who achieved his six year goal of photographing all the chameleon species of his home country. Tyrone comes on and shares with us a little bit about what life is like in South Africa and introduces us to his country’s chameleons and the adventures he has had recording them.

Welcome chameleon wranglers to the Chameleon academy podcast! I just had the most enjoyable interview talking with Tyrone Ping. It is such a pleasure connecting with chameleon enthusiasts from around the world. Tyrone hails from South Africa. This is where you find the diminutive  Bradypodion chameleons. So Tyrone’s personal goal to photograph each of the species of South African chameleons has made him a valuable source of knowledge.