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Welcome to the Chameleon Academy!

The Chameleon Academy has been created to be the center hub for the latest in chameleon husbandry information. This is a multi-media experience with an active weekly podcast and YouTube video outreach.

My name is Bill Strand and I have been working with keepers, breeders, and scientists around the globe to gather together the latest in husbandry techniques. I have been working with and studying chameleons for four decades and have been involved in public education of chameleons since 2002.

In 2015 I started the Chameleon Breeder Podcast as a new and innovative way of  being able to bring the findings of the community together in one place. While a strictly audio medium has enormous advantages, it is difficult to browse. And after over 125 episodes there needed to be a way to access the information easier than scrolling through episodes. Thus was born the Chameleon Academy where you are able to search for topics and do research that includes podcast audio, transcripts, video, and new content. The Chameleon Academy is designed to be a multi-media chameleon research tool.

The Chameleon Academy will be actively updated on a weekly basis and will be the store of my personal drive to discover the most I can about these incredible creatures. Through the podcast, video channel, and this Chameleon Academy I invite you along on my journey.


Bill Strand

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