12 Days of Chameleon Gifts- Day 2:Black Soldier Fly Larva

Day 2: Black Soldier Fly Larva

Chameleon Gift 2 Video

Chameleon Gift 2 Podcast

BSFL Chameleon food

My choice for the second gift giving recommendation is a cup of Black Soldier Fly Larva! BSFL (as the are called) are a nutritious feeder that can give your chameleon diet variety. The bonus is that they start as grubs, which chameleons love, and turn into flies, which chameleons love! So, take a listen as to how you can treat that special chameleon in your life!

There are many providers that can supply you with Black Soldier Fly Larva. They are sold under many names such as Phoenix Worms, Calci-grubs, and whatever else clever marketing people can come up with. I have used Symton for the last three years and am happy with their service. If you would like to learn more about Black Soldier Flies I did a whole podcast episode on them with Lauren Goza from Symton which you can listen to here



Click the link below to find out more information!

Sympton Black Soldier Fly

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