Mountain Dragons Chameleon book

12 Days of Chameleon Gifts- Day 3: Mountain Dragons

Day 3: Mountain Dragons by Jan Stipala

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Mountain Dragons Chameleon book

Mountain Dragons is a photo journal recording the travels of Jan Stipala across the highlands of Kenya to document the chameleon species there. It is the most beautiful book we have in the chameleon community and is my day 3 pick for great gifts for people that love chameleons. This book is a wonderful one to cuddle up with and would actually be a great gift for anyone who enjoys reptiles or just wants to learn more about the natural world.

In the US you can order signed copies of Mountain Dragons at Mountain Dragons Book

For other countries in North America, contact me through Dragon Strand.

In Europe, you can order the book through NHBS Books


I hope you have a great holiday season! The chameleon person in your life will LOVE this book!

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